Wedding Horror

This is a review I recently posted on trip advisor. It tells the sad story of my sister’s wedding reception last year at the Blue Pigeons, in Worth, Kent


We attended a wedding here at the Blue Pigeons a year ago. They were freshly reopened under new management (the paint was still wet, seriously,) but teething errors are an understatement. It is interesting to read that renovations are STILL going on a year later.

Despite extensive assurances that the happy couple’s vegetarian choices, simple requests, allergies and intolerances would be catered for, management completely ignored the dietary requirements of the bride and groom.

Husband and wife were left unable to eat at their own wedding, along with many guests. Their luxuriant buffet – ICELAND’S FINEST. Not joking. Manager to groom “I went into Iceland and bought what was on offer because it was a good deal”. With the ice included- still frozen! They charged £600 for 40 people!

Service was such a shambles, at one point I had to physically go into the kitchen and serve some of the food myself. By the time I’d finished getting the kitchen to do their bloody job, some helpful waitress had taken my food away, meaning I didn’t eat either!

Despite management’s best efforts on the day to rectify the errors of their catering choices (read: nipping to the shop to finally get us some sausage rolls), my sister’s wedding was memorable for all the wrong reasons.

Not expecting a full refund, but at least wanting an apology, the bride wrote them a letter of complaint when she finally felt calm enough to do so (some 9 months later). She received the rudest, most insulting, letter of lies I have ever read.

This review follows that letter. Management seem to have a false recollection of events that day, as well as the days leading up to the event. When I was decorating the room, they were still painting and decorating the pub. The kitchen was never completed in time for the wedding. They deny any wrongdoing whatsoever. They claim that they gave us everything we wanted. They claim to have done them a favour, ruining their wedding day. They claim they gave us many things, including champagne, for free! They only served us free booze because they couldn’t serve us our food. They say the bridal party and the guests created the bad atmosphere themselves. Well what sort of atmosphere do you expect around 40 hungry people, sitting with starving newlyweds, supposed to be enjoying the best day of their lives?

I see that there is the possibility on Trip Advisor for the management to respond to reviews posted. Blue Pigeons management: Don’t bother replying to this review. You had your chance to respond to our complaints already, and I think you already demonstrated what sort of customer care to expect. Besides, I’m not the girl whose wedding you ruined.


About nicolajrolfe

Dr. Nicola J. Rolfe is currently looking for her next opportunity to make a big splash in East Kent industry.
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2 Responses to Wedding Horror

  1. Mrs Smith says:

    Oh Wow ! That sounds awful for your Sister. Hopefully it wont happen to someone else.

  2. nicolajrolfe says:

    Hopefully not. I’ve been trying to post a review on Trip Advisor but I suspect the owners of the pub keep reporting it. Last time it got rejected for not being written by an actual traveller?! The truth is they would probably ‘do’ weddings better now, as they used hers for the practise. They need to acknowledge that they let her down, though. Sadly I’m not sure their attitude to customer service will ever change.

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