Expertly speaking…

Right now I’m watching a live stream from the BBC Academy of their Female Expert training day. I applied to be there, along with 2000 other women, submitting a CV, covering letter and videos of myself talking about my Ph.D research. Sadly I didn’t make the cut. Now I can see why, there’s less than 15 women around the table, and half of them are on the panel!

What do they have that I don’t have, I don’t know, but let me tell you this, world, I’m a lady and whatever I do, I make sure that I’m damn good at it. If I send you my CV and you’re unsure about me, meet me. I will convince you.

I may be a jobless bum at the moment, but when comes to physics I have inspired some of the most unlikely people to learn and to want to know more.

Unlike some of the women around that table, maybe I have a face for radio…


About nicolajrolfe

Dr. Nicola J. Rolfe is currently looking for her next opportunity to make a big splash in East Kent industry.
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